Data Center Setup, Networking and IT Services

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A data center is a physical unit used by an organization to host critical business information and applications. When migrating from centralized local deployment to edge deployment and public cloud services, it is important to consider how to ensure reliability and security in the long run.

Data centers are often referred to as single data centers, but in fact they are composed of many technical elements, like:-

Computer systems-storage and computing power to run applications usually provided by high-performance servers.  Business-critical data is usually stored on various media in the data center, from tape to solid-state drives, with multiple backups. IT departments need to store and manage the most important resources essential to the company's daily operations, so reliability, efficiency, security, and the continued development of the data center are usually top priorities.

Technical equipment, data centers also need a lot of infrastructure to maintain hardware and software functions.This includes power subsystems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ventilation and cooling systems, backup generators, and cables used to connect to external network operators.

Data center architecture.  The architecture of a data center may be difficult to design because the possibilities are almost limitless. for example :-  Does the company need to mirror the data center? What kind of geographic diversity is needed? How long does it take to recover from a disaster? How much space is needed for expansion?

  Nextsol Concept for Offering - Data Center Setup, Networking and IT Services: 

Post Covid-19, the organizations are planning to expand and strengthen their IT infrastructure, with a focus on Networks and with the emergence of newer technologies. Network outsourcing to competent IT service providers can yield the organisation significant cost savings and business benefits. We are  well aware of all the concerns of the market and offer cutting-edge networking solutions. Our services are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind following core of services:

• Local/Wide Area Network (LAN / WAN) Management
• Wireless - WLAN Management
• Unified Communication Services/Setups
• Network Operations
• System Integration Services
• Data Center / Network Consulting Services
• Network Monitoring and Security Services
• Network Implementation Services.